Texan Property Group Has Purchased Land in California to Develop a
Solar Farm

January 2nd, 2022: Texan Property Group has completed a land purchase for a solar farm project in California. The purchase allows company to continue its goal of expanding access to renewable energy to protect the planet. Looking to make the world more sustainable for future generations, securing the California project is an advantageous step. “We always prioritize innovation and sustainability in every endeavor,” says Jeffrey Jones, CEO of Texan Property Group. “

The land purchase project in California will be no different in that regard, and its expansiveness will allow us to do our best work.” Texan Property Group helps clients reduce their carbon footprint and thereby improve the quality of life in their communities by easing their environmental impact. Providing cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels, they are able to make the idea of a renewably powered company a reality for each client. “Our projects span across the entire United States with a focus on implementing solar and wind solutions at every step of the way. We know that the climate crisis is one of the biggest threats to life on this planet today, and we feel that it is our duty to bring solutions to this problem and help the world develop new, sustainable solutions.” Working with the Landmark Management Trust,

Texan Property Group completed a fully functional massive solar project in the Northwest region of the U.S. which brings clean energy to agricultural operations. Working with the same trust in California, they developed an agrivoltaic solar project that furthered the pursuit of renewables in the agricultural industry across an expansive landscape. “The agriculture industry is a major user of our world’s resources and a key player to focus on as we make the transition to renewables. With extensive access to land, we are able to collaborate with targeted locations to bring forth the transition within the sector.” Page 2 Texan Property Group Has Purchased Land in California to Develop a Solar Farm For Release Beyond the installation of solar, Texan Property Group has brought wind energy to the sector through its projects in Texas that make use of the resources of the area to maximize energy generation. “The benefit of working with our company is that we truly manage the project from start to finish, overseeing the entire development process. We are committed to diligence and following the local development requirements and guidelines in the process so that we foster positive relationships with the community and remain socially and environmentally sustainable.”

The latest California project that has Texan Property Group closing out the year strong will follow their four-step process of review, development, construction, and operations, positioning the project to yield success and thorough, timely completion. With years of experience behind them, and dozens of projects in their portfolio, the Group is well positioned to deliver tailored, state of the art technological solutions to the world’s energy and environmental crisis.

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