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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Development

1. What makes land ideal for a solar farm ?

We evaluate dozens of factors – too many to list here. Some of the critical requirements include land that is relatively flat, has few or no wetlands, and is near a transmission infrastructure.  Even if your land doesn’t meet all of these criteria, it may still make sense for us to talk.

2. What if I lease the property to a third party for ranching or farming ?

No problem. Our agreement will state that sufficient notice will be provided to allow any tenant farmer to finish out the current farming operations.

3. Do you pay landowners during the development term?

Yes. An initial payment is made upon execution of the agreement. Additional payments are made annually in quarterly installments.

4. How long does the construction of a solar facility take ?

Depending on the size of the facility, the average construction time is 6-12 months.

5. Will the facility be fenced ?

Yes, the solar facility is fenced for multiple purposes including security and liability reasons. Fence types vary but generally consist of a 6-foot tall chain link fence.

6. Are there negative environmental impacts to the land ?

No, there are no dangerous or hazardous materials used at solar project sites. The land is only mildly disturbed, as continuous employment at the site is low (typically only one or two individuals). Traffic during operations is also very limited. Native grasses will be planted and maintained for dust mitigation.

7. What about property taxes ?

Texan Solar Group will be responsible for all property taxes covering the utilized land. We also take responsibility for all property taxes and increases associated with the solar facility.

8. Are there economic benefits for the community ?

Yes. During construction, several hundred people will be hired to build the solar project. We recruit these employees during a locally held Work Fair. The workers hired to construct the site, as well as the managers brought in to oversee the team, bring valuable revenue to the community for housing, food, and other expenses. After construction and once the project is operational, the property taxes we pay on the land provide valuable income to local taxing authorities, which might fund schools, hospitals, roads, and other valuable community-based projects.

9. What if there are existing oil and gas leases over the property ?

The Texan Solar Group team is experienced with working with the mineral owners and the oil and gas operators to mutually agree on terms with dedicated set-asides over various areas of the surface for all future mineral exploration.

10. What if I have additional questions ?

We’re happy to address any questions or concerns you have. Please contact us.

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