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There are many ways you can contribute and make a real difference to maximize the potential value of your property. We take our responsibility to the land seriously and strive to be good stewards for future generations, working closely with landowners and neighbors.

Real Estate Owners:

Texan Property Group has developed, engineered, procured, constructed, and financed more than 500 acres of clean, safe, and environmentally friendly solar projects throughout Texas, making us one of the largest solar developers in the state. We have additional projects along the eastern half of the United States too.

But we can’t do it without you!

If you have preferably clear and relatively flat land, want a constant source of income, and wish to secure your and your family’s financial future, consider partnering with Texan Property Group.

We may be interested in leasing or buying your land, but we need some information from you first. Please fill out the Land Inquiry Form to the right of this section. You can also call (210) 802-1691 or email  land@texanpg.com.

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