Our clients describe us as a committed, mindful, and trustworthy partner, that builds things the right way. At Texan Property Group, we are looking for the same qualities from our subcontractors who share our vison. We strongly value the relationships that we have built over the years as our subcontractor network is a key part to our success.

Your success is our success!

We are looking for team members who are in good standing and have the proven ability to deliver high quality work on-time and within budget. We also understand that finding, qualifying, and awarding subcontracts starts at a local level, which is why we actively procure at each of our locations.

It is our desire to attract qualified subcontractors to work on projects that are successful for everyone involved. We are dedicated to mentoring subcontractors as well as evaluating their performance to confidently solicit and utilize their services for new or ongoing contracts. We are committed to be a dependable teammate, and to help ensure our subcontractors’ success.

If you are interested in doing business with Texan Property Group as a subcontractor, keep reading and we will guide you down the path to getting started.

Build The Future With Texan Property Group!

Thank you for your interest in working with Texan Property Group.

To simplify the way subcontracts are issued and vendor information is gathered, we have developed this section of our website to provide all the requirements and information needed to become a qualified subcontractor. Once completed and approved, we will add you to our pre-qualified subcontractors list for future bid opportunities.

Texan Property Group uses a Master Agreement to achieve consistent procurement policy compliance and to establish long-term relationships with subcontractors. The Master Agreement contains general terms and conditions that apply to every job done with Texan Property Group. Your company will be issued a work authorization agreement on a per job basis on any future work that may be awarded. Texan Property Group uses DocuSign for all Master Agreements and Work Authorization Agreement.

Required Forms

Certificate of Liability Insurance


Master Subcontractor Agreement

To become a pre-qualified subcontractor with Texan Property Group, please contact us at or via phone at 210-802-1691 to request a master agreement and pre-qualification materials.